World Water Monitoring Day

ENO club in organization SIQA was engaged in "World water monitoring day" activity. Using special test kits that were sent by world wide coordinators of the program, pupils made several experiments on local sources of water. Results of the surveys were demonstrated to project coordinators and partners from other participant countries.

March of frogs

Members of ENO club In organization SIQA, Georgia, Rustavi have joined world wide activity "march of frogs". About 130 pledges were gathered from local population about the reduction of global worming.


Global Warming

Members of ENO club regularly have been involved in ENO theme. During Nov 2009 - Jan 2010 ENO’s main theme was “Climate Change”. Within this theme, youngsters have studies climate change and its mechanism, local and global impacts, ways how to control climate change personally. Members found more information about global warming by internet and made slide-show.