Global Day of Biodiversity

ENO club of organization SIQA – Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives - Georgia, Rustavi, has joined the day of Global Biodiversity and world-wide tree planting activity related to this day. Members of our club with the help of other volunteers of the organization have put into the ground 15 new plants, in the yard of Rustavi city Children care center. About 20 lonely children were involved in the activity and the day has become one of the happiest ones in their lives. After tree planting activity a little training was held for Care center children about ecology and global ecological problems. This way we tried to improve their eco awareness and create bases of love and need to take care of the nature in their minds.

“This is our nature”

Members of ENO club in organization SIQA have been involved in ENO theme named “This is our nature” ( that lasted from November 2007 to January 2008) with great interest. Within this theme, youngsters have studied utilization of forests and threats related to it locally in Georgia, as well as worldwide. They have made surveys, visited local furniture making industries, taken photos and using all the available resources they have made a slide, that has been published in international blog of ENO. Besides the abovementioned slide-show, a wallpaper has been made about sustainable use of forests.

“The way we lead our lives”

Eno club was actively involved in the theme “The way we lead our lives” members of the club have taken interviews from local doctors and scientists, have used information posted in the internet and these way studied three most spread local diseases in Georgia. According to gathered information they have made a little slide show that was posted next to the works of other countries in the official ENO blog.
Project duration February-March 2008